New York Dominican rapper Nels brings back nostalgic Empire State Hip-Hop with new Mixtape “ROOTED”


             New York is the birth place of hip hop and rising Empire State star Nels is fighting hard to keep it on the map. Recently dropping the fire mixtape “Rooted”, featuring hardcore rhyme skills, confident bravado, hard beats and no shortage of both samples and bars, there’s no doubt both fans and hip hop elders are going to embrace it with open arms. Early feedback for the new mixtape has been passionate. Chris C., from Buffalo, recently said in a five star review, “Nels is amazing. ‘Rooted’ brings me back to the hip hop I absolutely love most. This time next year I bet he’s a national name.” Currently based in Southern California, expect live shows and more studio work as Nels moves further into 2017 and beyond. Be sure to follow Nels on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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